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These are summaries and results for some of our recent activities. For current projects and opportunities go to What’s On.

Workshop Findings: Tell us what matters to you when choosing, changing, and visiting your GP (General Practitioner)

This community consultation sought to find out more about peoples’ experiences of choosing, changing and visiting their GP. Findings from four workshops with patients from the Auckland, Counties and Waitemata Metro DHB area are represented in this report.

Thank you to all those who participated.

Pacific Health Action Plan (Our Health in Our Hands)

The first Pacific Health Action Plan was developed in 2013 for the Pacific populations of the Auckland and Waitemata District Health Boards (DHBs). It was developed in partnership with all of our partners; from primary care, to churches and communities. We are now in the process of updating the plan. The community were asked for feedback to help us make sure that we identify the right priorities and activities that will make the most difference to improve the health of our Pacific community. Public consultation closed on 31 August 2016 and the feedback is now available:

Summary of findings
Detailed analysis of the findings

Work is now taking place to update the Pacific Health Action Plan based on feedback received. Further information will be made available as this progresses.

Thanks to the many people who participated in our Waiheke Health Services Review survey. The results of the review are available here on the Auckland District Health Board website.

In November 2015 we asked panel members, staff, volunteers, patients, family members and visitors about our volunteers service. We wanted to understand what was going well and where we could make improvements. We heard that volunteers provide a great service and patients and staff appreciate the enormous role the volunteers already play. People also told us there are opportunities for more and different volunteer roles, and we can make some improvements to the way volunteer services operate.

This feedback has (and will continue to) inform the Auckland DHB volunteers service for the next few years. The feedback has helped us to make some key improvements to the way we recruit and support our volunteers. We also plan to expand our volunteer services into new areas and make better connections with key partner agencies and institutions.

In  April 2016 the  Auckland DHB website was relaunched. The design was influenced by great feedback we received from our panel members who completed our survey in late 2015  on designs for the website – this included menu navigation, look and feel, and layout.

Some new features include the story banner that rotates at the top of our homepage, commonly recognised icons to assist in navigation, people-focused images, and improved accessibility via screenreader devices.

We invite you to take a look at our new website and welcome feedback through our short short survey. The results of this survey are regularly reviewed and help guide ongoing improvements.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on their experience. We will continue to post opportunities for user experience feedback on Reo Ora Health Voice as we develop our site further.

In July 2014 we asked our patients and staff to tell us what is important to them when being cared at, or working for, Auckland DHB.  Patients and staff did this by completing a survey or attending one of the ‘in our shoes’ sessions.

Since then we have closely read everything patients and staff told us was important to them and from this  we have now defined some new shared values for our organisation.  These values will guide our behaviour and help in our decision-making in the future so we can always be ‘at our best’.

Our new values are:  

Welcome  Haere Mai  |  Respect  Manaaki  |  Together  Tūhono |  Aim High  Angamua


This has been a really valuable exercise.  Thank you everyone who shared their experience with us. 

In October 2012 Auckland DHB surveyed people living in the DHB area to hear from them about their health and health in their community, their experiences and what they think could be done to lift and protect the health of their community.


Around 2400 people completed this survey. The majority of respondents came from online panels. Follow this link to see a summary of the results by Local Board area.

In late 2012, our Reo Ora Health Voice panel members were invited to participate in a seminar for the Northern Cancer Network. This seminar was held in early December and was well attended. Participants included consumers, family/whanau members and Northern Cancer Network representatives.


To read how the feedback from the day was used, click here.

ADHB has been focussing on improving hand hygiene throughout our facilities. We asked you what was important and how we could improve.


Read about what we found out and what we are doing as a result of your feedback here.

During the first part of 2013, ADHB has been talking to staff, patients, families and visitors about the possibility of and how 24 hour visiting could work. We also asked panel members interested in this area to be involved in our work on this and a number of you are taking part in our working group or by providing feedback on what we are doing.


Based on this feedback and on-going conversation, we are now trialling 24 hour visiting for nominated support people in some of our wards. Read about what is happening here.

Thank you for all those people who told us what you would like to see changed at the Greenlane clinics. Because you told us that improvements to waiting to be prepared for your procedure would have the biggest positive impact, we have changed our preadmission process.


Read about the project here.

Thank you again to all those who participated in the Community Dialysis Survey, your voices have been heard.

Click here to view the full report, which includes the survey results, next steps and improvement plan. Read more about the project here.

During May and June 2011 patients and carers were asked to provide ADHB with feedback about their current experience of the Greenlane Surgical Unit, ward and Ophthalmology day stay. The things they said are helping us plan changes to some of our processes and the physical environment.  Read more here.

We'd like to thank all of you who took part in the Child Health Improvement Plan survey - your ideas were invaluable and have already been used to inform our plans, priorities and the way we work. Read more here
Watch Richard Aickin, Director of Child Health, talk about the fantastic feedback around the Child Health Improvement Plan. Click here to watch.