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Health Navigator

Health Navigator is a non-profit organization that produces the Health Navigator website which provides the New Zealand public and health professionals with reliable health information. We are currently working on a Ministry of Health pilot project to develop a NZ based health app library/formulary. The goal of this project is to make it easier and safer for the public and health professionals to identify useful and relevant health apps that support lifestyle, disease management, mental wellbeing and behaviour change.

We are looking for health consumers to help us with doing one or more user reviews of health apps on our Health Navigator website. If you are interested, please click here for more information.

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Health Voice - Results and Reports  

Pacific Health Action Plan (Our Health in Our Hands)

The first Pacific Health Action Plan was developed in 2013 for the Pacific populations of the Auckland and Waitemata District Health Boards (DHBs). It was developed in partnership with all of our partners; from primary care, to churches and communities. We are now in the process of updating the plan. The community were asked for feedback to help us make sure that we identify the right priorities and activities that will make the most difference to improve the health of our Pacific community. Public consultation closed on 31 August 2016 and the feedback is now available:

Summary of findings
Detailed analysis of the findings
Work is now taking place to update the Pacific Health Action Plan based on feedback received. Further information will be made available as this progresses.


Waiheke Health Services Review 

Thanks to the many people who participated in the recent Waiheke Health Services Review survey. We had intended to have results available on Auckland DHB website by the end of April. However, this is now delayed until early June to allow the team to incorporate both the quantitative and qualitative results. Thank you for your patience while this report is completed.


Volunteer service evaluation

In November 2015 we asked panel members, staff, volunteers, patients, family members and visitors about our volunteers service. We wanted to understand what was going well and where we could make improvements. We heard that volunteers provide a great service and patients and staff appreciate the enormous role the volunteers already play. People also told us there are opportunities for more and different volunteer roles, and we can make some improvements to the way volunteer services operate.

This feedback has (and will continue to) inform the Auckland DHB volunteers service for the next few years. The feedback has helped us to make some key improvements to the way we recruit and support our volunteers. We also plan to expand our volunteer services into new areas and make better connections with key partner agencies and institutions.


Auckland DHB website redesign

Last year we invited our panel members to provide feedback on designs for our new website – this included menu navigation, look and feel, and layout. We had 60 people complete our survey providing great feedback that we used to influence the design of our newly launched (April 2016) Auckland DHB website.

Some new features include the story banner that rotates at the top of our homepage, commonly recognised icons to assist in navigation, people-focused images, and improved accessibility via screenreader devices. 

We invite you to take a look at our new website and welcome feedback through our short survey.